Saturday, July 28, 2012

About learning the icelandic thing

I still read minningargreinar, and I'm wondering about, how many people commit suicide during this outstandingly beautiful summer. In fact I'm reading a lot these days, discovering little treasures, like the book "Hetjur og hugavil" (Heroes and complaint) about psychic diseases in the sagas (they were all sick the same way like we are today, full of narcisms and personality disorders, pathological fears and social disorders - you immediately don't feel alone any more, having such a bunch of icelandic celebrities sharing your silly problems)
It's fine to be mad and have good company :-)

And now discovering another treasure "The little book about Icelanders" - no, not just another of these unbearable foreigner-written Besserwisser-books on viking-mentality, much more, as it was written by an icelandic woman who spent half of her life abroad and came here, being almost a stranger. She gave many of my experiences a word and offered explanations to what has happened and why it went wrong.

You cannot turn the clock back of course - but now I know how clumsy and stupid I behaved in this country, guiding myself through rough society waters and running ashore. Now I understand my weirdiness for the Icelandic eye and why people like me are kept away or ignored from community in the countryside. According to the (icelandic) author it seems not to be part of the system to be different. Well ...  ;-)
Anyway, very interesting lecture, and full of a wonderful humour. Like it very much.
The lecture though makes stubbornness grow, of course. If you can't be part of the garden, create your own garden and water your plants, you never know what will happen.

Laughter is dominating these bright and sunny days anyway. Although Damokles has found a place to hang his fucking sword and our small world here might soon turn upside down, it seems as if Someone does not allow depression. He gave us the warmest summer ever in Iceland, a flowering country, smells, lights and sights, and He creates gratefulness for smallest things like wollen hair in a hvannablóm – or a whale jumping out of the water. I will never go again on whalewatching, I have seen a whale, it can't get any better. He jumped out of the water 8 times, right in front of the boat -

And what is more - horses around. Finally the black lady was brought to my village to join me, and she does it in her special ladyesk style, showing appreciation, gently allowing to ask her to follow *g* and taking water only from the basket coming from my hand. She is wise and ever-knowing, she can read and write, and mainly reads my thoughts. A precious mirror of mind and emotion, I am grateful that we've found and were given to each other.

 So what else do you need? Sunny days, good books and blankets, friends to share good and sad days with, projects to do, texts to write, plans to fix and dissolve, thoughts to think and forget, and a heart to beat its rhythm around a name.

Bráðum kemur betri tíð með blóm í haga,
sæta lánga sumardaga.
Þá er gaman að trítla um tún og tölta á eingi,
einkum fyrir únga dreingi.
Folöldin þá fara á sprett og fuglinn sýngur,
og kýrnar leika við kvurn sinn fíngur.
(Halldór Laxness)

The old guy was pretty right :-)