Tuesday, May 1, 2012

1. Mai

I haven't been writing for a long time. Out of words, somehow.
Have been homesick without having a home. Just sick. Women must be crazy.
Three languages on my mind, all three of them have to earn my living.
Exciting and tiring at the same time, I'm obviously not 20 anymore °!° Most people won't understand the struggle.
It keeps you from sleeping and resting and eating (and in good shape *g*). I need silence to calm down, get at the same time killed by silence and need music as medicine to cheer me up.
Women ARE crazy.

Man can definetively be an island. Boats are passing by, but never come to your shore, just waving for visit. As a foreigner you live outside the house of the icelandic "fraenka-society". You may look through the windows, sometimes they are opened for a small chat, but the door is invisible for you behind a curtain of history that is not your history.

So fill your island with flowers and warm thoughts, keep your own door open like you always did, love the one you love and try to live without the fraenka-stuff.
It will feel allright.

Though spring is near and nature awakening, it hasn't yet reached people. Things seem to drown in routine, the bloody slave driver that blindens for beauty. Routine kills.
Sparkling lights, the first small games of the sun that won't go to sleep now for a long time - good for tourists, difficult for those residents who need a *night* for sleeping.
The permanent light makes me feel like a Bordercollie, which is not healthy at all. At least something I share with many people on the island. ;-)

There are only two places I can take a rest.
One of the places is him:

In Germany we used to count the "may-trees" - ribbon-decorated trees that boys had been carrying to the houses of their beloved the night before. An old tradition in the Rheinland-area.
Many may-trees, much love in the air. Some villages without may-trees ...
Long time ago we set a may-tree on the door of a nunnery, with black, pink and violet ribbons. The nuns didn't understand our sense of humour. 

May everybody have a wonderful 1. May in good company, enjoy the day, and think about your may-tree :-)